So many Beaches

on Skiathos Island

With over a hundred unique beaches, Skiathos features the ideal place for you to spend your holdiays. Pine forests, crystal clear seas and more for you to explore and experience.

It’s your choice on how to visit these beaches as most of them are accessible by bus, taxis, water taxis and cars.

Remember to get a boat to Lalaria Beach and Tsougrias Island just oposite the harbor. You can easily plan your tour and get a boat from Skiathos Old Port every morning and night some times ;).

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Great Afternoons

for walks, shopping and dinner

Skiathos Town offers a unique feeling of Greek Summer and the atmosphere is really extraordinary. Shops, Coffee places, Restaurants and more are spread everywhere in Skiathos Town even at small streets you ‘d never expect to find that great places.

Explore Skiathos Town and walk on every alley to find a restaurant, pizza place or simply get a picture at the scenery.  Have a relaxing drink at the Old Port and watch the summer sunset colors in the sky and people walk by this graphical location.

You can never get used to what Skiathos Town has to offer and you always want to come back and visit every place and feel the magic again and again.

History still stands

Find the Historical Places in Skiathos

Skiathos is full of Monasteries, Small Chapels and of course the Castle a.k.a. “Kastro” where you can go and place yourself back in time imagining what it would be like when it happened!

Evangelistria Monastery is very popular and has great history behind it. The very first Greek flag was woven there in 1807 and it also has a museum of musical instruments and a great peaceful environment.

Alexandros Papadiamantis House is a museum in the honor of the writer who lived in Skiathos Island and wrote great novels like “The Murderess” and others.

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